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Site Review · 2024-05-30, renowned for its top replica handbags, stands out as the premier online destination for luxury bags. Established in China in 2010, Limberga has served over 200,000 clients, offering high-quality replicas meticulously crafted under strict quality management standards.

Limberga provides global shipping, excluding North Korea, Sao Tome, and Principe. The company accommodates deliveries to Post Office Boxes via economy and standard shipping. Customers can choose from economy, standard, and express delivery options, with availability determined by the entered shipping address. Economy shipping is free, while costs for standard and express deliveries are calculated based on destination and package weight. Express shipping typically takes 4-10 days.

Orders are processed and shipped within 3-6 days unless specified otherwise. Customers should note that economy shipping to South America and the Russian Federation may take 1-2 months due to transportation and customs delays. Import taxes and duties are the buyer's responsibility, and Limberga advises checking local customs rates before ordering to avoid unexpected charges. The company ships items in a single package, declaring a low value to facilitate customs clearance.

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  1. Yolanda Roldan 2024-06-21

    Is this site safe for me to purchase from?

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